Young Forever, Nathan Bay

Forever YoungCR Rating: 4.5 Stars

Publisher: Bay Cove Press

Length: 219 pages

Reviewer: LeeBeMe

Tags: Psycho Killer, Romance, Suspense

Steam: 3-4~ish

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Gay men are mysteriously disappearing from the city of Nashville. There are no bodies, no evidence of a crime, and police are turning a blind eye to the pattern. But this is the South, where juicy gossip and sordid rumors spread like wildfire. Is a murderer at large, stealthily slaughtering innocent victims? And if so, who is he, and how can he be stopped?

Meanwhile, Roger Willis just turned forty. He’s newly divorced and struggling to find his place in the gay dating scene. Instant access to sex is available through apps, and a careless stranger can reject him with a single swipe to the left. Cool, callous technology has replaced the warmth of getting to know someone through eye contact, a friendly handshake, and casual conversation. His dream of finding love again is beginning to feel hopeless.

Everything changes when a handsome young man named Ben Hudson comes along, and suddenly Roger’s world doesn’t seem so lonely. There’s relationship potential, but Roger has secrets. He didn’t survive four decades and a failed marriage without a few skeletons in his closet. What will happen when Ben flings the door open and the secrets come spilling out?

Lies will be told. Hearts will be broken. Fluids will be spilled. It’s going to be a bloodbath.

My Review~

Roger Willis is turning forty and plucked up the courage to take himself to a gay bar to celebrate. He hears his ex hubby Steven in his head telling him only sluts and lonely losers go to bars. Me to Roger: Thank gawd you’re still not with Steven. Talk about  a judgey bitch. Roger overhears some chatter about a possible gay scene serial killer. Does he stay or does he go home? Stay’s a winner because he’s spotted a hottie, always incentive. The sassy barman gives Roger a wink and a drink and tells him to go over and hit that sweet thang he’s been eyeballing. There’ll be more about the sassy, winky barman later. So Rog sashays over and gets to hang out with Hottie McLeather Jacket. They flirt and chat and play grind the pool cue. Ben has friends with him and he’s twenty-four. Forties? Twenties? Situation normal.

I was wondering straight off if Ben or Roger was something other than they seemed. Right away this book had me doing mental gymnastics.     

If you’re like moi and prefer more romance and softness, not creepy and scary, I’ll tell you I was worried in the beginning too. I thought I’d have to abandon ship in the first chapter because of nasty business. When Isaiah’s life was being described, then the sexy guy came along with his all you’ll feel’s a prick and you’ll stay young forever line, I was like a misting vaporiser.  It was a day so perfect, he just knew something bad was going to ruin it. Isaiah could feel it in the pit of his stomach; that sick, prickly sense of dread that always came along just when things were going his way. 

When they ended up in the boonies I was like~ no, gurl. Nooooo.

This is a montage of me and my many faces and feels during Young Forever.

Starting out I was all ooh, aah. Dunno~

ron weasly gif

Roger plucked up courage to meet Ben and I was all good for you, honey. I got comfortable with them. Principally.  They seemed nice but I was thinking, thinking~

captain kirk gif

Then stuff happened that brought Roger and Ben together. Like Hispanic Coffee. The dreamy ripping off of Calvin Kleins, to smexing on orgasmic bed linen in a pornified bedroom~

praise-butt-god gif

Roger and Ben had personal omissions and I knew communication errors were coming. I was telling myself to be brave, and WWDW say? So I was like ~

supernatural I'm fine gif

But was I fine? I’m no staunch Dean.

Young Forever has creepy moments because there’s a killer and you kind of know some of the guys he’s played with, it’s suspenseful. Sometimes the book’s sweet, even a little cheesy, for sure sexy, but other times it’s serious. Nathan Bay never overwhelms or makes the book preachy or judgemental or cheap and nasty. The community can be youth obsessed. I swear on the Book of Mormon I’ve personally bumped bits with Dorian Gray at the Stonewall.

Now I get to my true love, and ironic phobia: Barman. I started a drinking game around him. If he winked, I downed a strawberry daiquiri. Sweet Mother Ru he was sassy, but that boy needed to calm his tits. All I could think was Lucille Bluth coming at me with one eye closing really tight and some horrible, wannabe seductive mouth action happening at the same time. *Now on platform unintelligible noises. Departing soon* I’m forever haunted and suffer acute winkyfaceaphobia. The struggle is real!! Barman was a grade A LB winkyfacer.

Lucille B Winky gif

I’m not complaining. It was fun, and if you play along with Sassy Barman you can get happily shitfaced on your fave drink~

karen walker gif


It’s a gay and modern Dorian Gray set in Tennessee.

Poor Roger has a tough time with his ex. Me to Steven: Sit down, Felicia. Sit down!

Roger didn’t know who was stalking him and taking creeper pix of him while he was sleeping. *Chills.

Both have secrets but Ben’s a teensie bit hypocritical.

It’s suspenseful.

It’s smexy.

That ending. It was too quick and I wanted more~ Cialis on aisle III! 

I liked this book so much. I hope there’s more coming.


Oliver Twist gif

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