The Valet, SJ Foxx

CThe ValetR Rating: B for Blast! 

Publisher: Ninestar Press

Length: 190 Pages

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Historical 

Steam: 3.5 ~ 4

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After scandalising his family name, wealthy brat Hugo is kicked out of his parent’s home in NYC, and tossed into the English countryside. There, he must live with his extended family and learn what it means to be a “gentleman,” or be cut off and left without his inheritance.

Brattish, reckless, and out of control, it seems that Hugo may never learn his manners. That is, until he meets his match: a stoic, no-nonsense valet, Sebastian.

Hugo and Sebastian are swept up in a forbidden fling, and they play a game of power.

Can Sebastian get a handle on his master? Or will Hugo’s foolishness leave him penniless?

Shout out to SJ for the review copy!


My Review~.

Hugo’s a rich American dude sent to England to his aunt and uncle’s home for 12 months. He has to learn to become a gentleman after sleeping with his dad’s business partner’s wife. He caused a scandal so he’s off to learn etiquette overseas. Right from the beginning Hugo’s not happy with England. The Harrington’s are wealthy and titled and he thinks his aunt and uncle are bores, their parties are stuffy and their rules tough. Hugo’s not stupid he wants his trust fund.

Good God, he just needed a short moment to remember that this experience was only for ten more months. All he had to do was play along, pretend to be a changed man, and he would get his trust fund and his inheritance and the entire ordeal would be worth it.

I gotta admit that at first Hugo was an entitled dick. But he finds out his valet’s someone who won’t deal with crap and has some real attitude!

Before he could do any such thing, Sebastian’s mouth hovered by Hugo’s ear. His hot breath trickled along his neck as he whispered, “I am so sick of you behaving like a spoiled brat. Somebody needs to put you in your place.”

The someone to put Hugo in his place is Sebastian and he’ll enjoy doing it if Hugo’s a good boy to Sebastian’s toppy & dominant bearing. I reckoned Sebastian was much older than Hugo the way he talked but he’s 23 or 24 and Hugo’s going to turn 21.

In their society it’s Hugo who’s the boss. He can order Sebastian to get his water or fasten his tie and run his bath or get his food, but in bed it’s all Sebastian. He tells Hugo what he wants and Hugo does it. He tells Hugo to dust in an apron and spread em so his hot arse is on display and he does it.

Sebastian tipped his head, smiling in appreciation of the view. “Open your legs. I won’t ask you again.” His tone was sharp now and his smile gone in an instant.

Bend over

“Why so shy when you have such a pretty little asshole?”

“Why did you stop?”
Sebastian frowned. “
Because you’re lying to me,” he said matter-of-factly. “I don’t like it when you lie and pretend that you don’t enjoy playing around with men. You’re acting as if you didn’t love having your cock sucked yesterday.”

B&W Cock sucking up close blowjob

Even though Hugo’s supposed to become a gentleman he finds a friend at one of the Harrington’s parties who likes wilder times than he does. Sam’s into wild times with women, coke and alcohol and Hugo’s lucky the staff stick by  him when he ends up shitfaced one night. That gets him into disgrace and his aunt and uncle make him pay for it.

The story is about one guy who goes to England to get manners and find class. His aunt and uncle make him walk the straight and narrow but his British valet makes him want to change to be a good boy. 😉

Though the book made me curious I was a bit unsure because it’s historical. I’m open to try something different to see what I think about it. The Valet’s worth reading for any mm readers. The sex is submission between a rich guy who’s being topped by his servant and I guess Hugo’s bi because he was busted with the business partner’s wife. But it doesn’t worry about semantics and Hugo’s not pining for women. 😀  Definitely some feels in the book too and it did feel like being in the early 1900’s. Hugo started out as a spoiled boofhead and ended up heaps better as a person because of time spent in England but most of all because of his valet.

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