The Underwear Gnome, Keegan Kennedy

The Underwear GnomeCR Rating: Nuclear Baby

Publisher: Kennedy-Empire Media

Length:  6,500 Words

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Gay Erotica, Older Man-Younger Guy, Jock, Dominance

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The Blurb: 

In this short story, 42-year old David Ryan has noticed that his boxer brief collection has been shrinking. Blaming it on the laundry gnomes that make off with briefs and stray socks, the handsome father discovers the true identity of his very own laundry gnome—his son’s best friend, Tate. When the older man catches the teen jock red-handed, worlds collide and so do they.

Short story is 6500 words. Preview of Vampires of New York is included. This is gay-themed work with an older/younger and dominant/submissive dynamic. All characters are eighteen or older. 



David is a good looking guy, he’s 42 and married with four sons.  He has little time to himself in his house and it’s hard to masturbate anymore. That’s a shame as that’s all he has left, because his wife is so disinterested in sex they share seperate bedrooms. Well, that’s a bummer because he has a strong sex drive:  


Although older, I was still the same man who wanted to bury his nine-incher into a wet mouth and tight hole – a minimum of three times a day. 


Nine inches. Lets see how that looks pictorially, shall we? Holy Shit!! That’s a big bad boy right here.Nine Inch Cock




Sorry, went off into fantasy land for a moment over David’s dick. It’s a cracker. Taken bigger but, well, this is not my story. So, apart from our nice looking  42 year old and his big boy, David is horny. He ain’t getting any and I’ll also add that his boxers are vanishing. What’s the deal? Who the hell is knocking off his underwear? You know, the underwear gnome? I’ll tell you. It is the teenage guy from next door, Tate. You know him, the one that has known the family all his life. This is pure erotic fantasy. 




I was still confused as fuck. It wasn’t every day that I walked into my own basement to find my son’s best friend masturbating by himself.  


“Come on, Tate. What have you been doing with my briefs?”

“I’ve been using them…” The teen trailed off.

“Using them for what?”

“Using them to jerk off, Sir.”


Okay, Tate has been using the dirty undies to sniff and jerk off to, and in. Mind blown by Tate’s kink. Moving on. What is David going to do with this revelation. He’s going to get his act together get a blow job and fuck that boy. It’s pure fantasy, isn’t it? We’re on board for the fucking ride, aren’t we? If not, you’re on the wrong blog.


David has never fucked a guy before but he’s interested and Tate has only ever had 7 inches before. Well shit, first world fuck problems.

Just some quotes strung together below to give you an idea and some pix. 

Ohhh, Mr Ryan!” Tate moaned. “That feels so good.”

I put my finger to my mouth, wetting it with my spit. My slick finger returned to his hole, and I began to rub Tate’s tiny little button.

“Boy,” I said to him.

“Yeah, Mr Ryan?”

“How’s my big hog gonna fit into this tiny little, bitty  hole of yours?”

I know. Let me answer. LUBE!!


“This’ll be a new experience for the both of us then,” I mumbled gruffly. “Ya sure you can take me?”

“Yes please, Mr Ryan!” The teen pleaded. “Please, fuck me!”

I couldn’t argue with that logic, so I pressed the bulbous head of my cock against his inviting hole.

“Holy shit! Ya got a tight hole, son. Open it up and give me your ass!”

I held him by the waist and drove my length into him.




The Verdict: 


What can I say? Erotica is a lot about what you’re personally into. If you like the idea of being lusted over by an eighteen year old then this story is for you. If you like the idea of ‘boy’ and ‘Yes, Mr Ryan.’ It’s a goer. Parts of me were cruising right along. It isn’t long at about 40 pages, it could have been longer, but the sex is sweet as. The author makes it plenty, plenty hawt. I predict more Keegan Kennedy coming to Cocky Reviews soon.  Nuclear, baby.

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