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Well howdy everyone. It’s the 22nd of December, 2013 and this is the first day of Cocky Reviews. 

^^They were the first words on here and the blog started out with a big bang but it kinda hit a whimper over 2016.  I’ve been studying and working and haven’t had a lot of time for myself without trying to review. But now it’s December 2016 and the blog has had a nice makeover, 3 years after starting. Thanks Babe! Tada! Looking pretty schmick now. I’ll be reviewing more come December and into January 2017. But CR will will always be a hobby blog with hit and miss periods of reviews. We just want to have fun and not take this too seriously.

This blog started out because a lot of erotica wasn’t being given review space. Some friends gave me their old blog and told me to go for it. So here I am going for it. I’ve decided to stretch out and read gay romance and fiction too. As long as the writing’s gay themed Cocky Reviews will be reviewing it. I’m absolutely going to be reviewing erotica still because I love it. A lot of  kink, taboos, fetishes will still be here, but hello to romance and beyond. 

I have to say it, this site is for people 18 years and over. We have entry security so play by the rules people. 

This site is a NoH8 site. It’s a gay book blog. Don’t be here if any of those words bother you. If you’re cool with those words then come on in and have a look around.

CR ain’t ever going to be suitable for work. Make sure you’re somewhere comfortable and maybe even fun when you come on in and check us out.


I’m the admin of Cocky Reviews. I live with my boyfriend, some friends and our dogs. I review on here and link with Goodreads and Twitter. I review books I like at my own speed because this blog is a casual thing for me. I have friends, I have a partner, I have a social life and and I have family, and though I like books and having fun with reviews the blog comes behind those important real life people and activities.

I review gay erotica more than flat out romance but I also do sexy romance.


Lee is a twenty something student who I’ve discovered likes Twitter way too much 🙂  He also likes “makeup tutorials, nail tutorials, and books + gaining knowledge then letting his sillies hang out.” Lee reviews on Booklikes and here when I ask for help or he’s in the mood. He used to review for a young adult blog before but now he’s put his adult pants on. Thanx Lee!

Lee reviews more fantasy or paranormal also romance.

Peace out and happy reading!

Here. Queer. Review Books.

Submissions –

If you write MM or gay books and you’d like me to review one hit me up at cockyreviews(at)gmail(dot) com and I’ll slap up a review ~ I’m social in my RL so I’m not always around but I’ll get back to you when I see the message.


Cocky Erotica Ratings –


Nuclear Baby 

Hot Stuff

I’m Twitching

Not Quite



A is for Absolutely Awesome 

B is for Had a Blast

C is for Cute Stuff or Competent Stuff  

D is for Dunno 

E is for Eh

These might change but they’re what I’m working with for now. 🙂


Thanks for cruising by. Keep on coming!



I want him. Addison Graham.  


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