Taken, Zane Adams

TakenCR Rating: I’m Twitching

Publisher: Self Published

Length: 21 Pages

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Gay Romantic Erotica

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I don’t remember the book really saying this is set in the future but the vibe is futuristic. Zel lives in Manhattan and makes an okay living from selling himself. It is legal. So Zel is a sex worker coming back from work, from blowing a guy, when he is confronted by some muscle who want to take Zel and use him for a sex slave for some sort of sex consortium. When he thinks that he is outnumbered by the goons, a red sports car opens the door and he’s asked to get in. Hired goons or the sports car…hired goons or the sports car…

Okay, so Zel hops in and ends up back at Riley’s place. It seems the goons know where Zel lives, they were just down the road from his place when they tried to grab him. But, damn, Riley lives really well. He’s got some cash and he is nice on the eyes and he rescued Zel. Better to be with sexy Riley than douche bag goons any day. Zel is suspicious, why’s this guy being nice to him? 

But not to worry, Zels’ dick likes Riley 


There were a few times when he was having sex for work that he actually got off. His dick didn’t Cindi Twitter 5respond to most of his customers, but for Riley he was hard. 

The anticipation was making him nervous. He didn’t know Riley. There were stories of sex workers being hurt, some killed when they went to private houses. He didn’t think Riley had any evil planned, but he didn’t know. 

“Relax,” Riley whispered in his ear.

Then Riley’s hands were on his lower back, massaging away the stress. He held still as Riley worked his sore muscles. 



“Don’t move. I’m going to strip you and fuck you until you scream my name.”

Two Guys Together Fucking 10Zel shivered and his ass clenched, anticipating the beautiful sting. 

The sound of Riley’s pants hitting the floor had him glancing over his shoulder. Riley was freaking huge, Zel spun around and backed up against the wall, shaking his head. “No way that will fit.”

“I’ll go slow don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you, let me try.”

“You promise to go slow?” 

Riley leaned in and brushed his lips over Zel’s cheek. “I swear I’ll be gentle. Now, get in the bed and let me have you.”


<——Oh look, it fits. Always does.





Riley is a  knight in shining armour I won’t go on about the story it is only 21 pages. Sometimes a nice guy is just that, a nice guy. 


The Verdict.


Taken is a bit more romance than erotica but there is a good amount of sex in the pages so that’s a plus for Cocky readers. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more time developing the guys but they were likeable. If you’re into a kinda Pretty Woman futuristic erotic tale, Taken is good for that.  Sometimes you need a bit of story with the fucking. I’m Twitching, dudes.  A review of Six Nights by the same author to follow soon.








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