Smolder, Soren Summers

smolderCR Rating: A for Awesome!

Publisher: Self Published

Length: 129 Pages

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Kinda Christmas. Romance. Sci-fi or futuristic. Funny as.

Steam: 3 



Ambitious office drone Zachary Glazer just wants to come home for the holidays, but strange things are happening in the snowy town of Huster.

There’s this man at work with a razor smile and a cadre of alluring executives. There’s that handsome stranger who just moved in next door, the one with a perfect body and a shrouded past. And what about those fires all over town?

Huster is supposed to be quiet, and boring, and cold. Why all this weirdness? Why now? The questions stack up like kindling in the back of Zach’s mind, and a single spark is all it will take for his whole world to go up in flames.

This romantic horror story is approximately 40,000 words in length

My Review~

Smolder is not the next book for Jarod and Gabriel but it’s got 2 new guys and I see there may be a lot of peopleeat-a-dick-cross-stitch dropping in and out of this sci fictiony world while Vertex moves its tentacles about. The company Zach works for is in the middle of a merger with a new company to them, always fun times when you need your job and there’s a merger. More interesting for us readers when it’s Vertex taking over, if you read Monster you’ll know what I’m saying. While Vertex has its interesting points I wouldn’t wanna work for them and the people at DomestiCore seem more like my kinda people. You know how some of your work mates just say what they want because you pretty much all get along? Tobi Wexler has this family style company in Huster with employees that are loyal and weird. I reckon if I’m reading Soren Summer’s books the people are going to have some weirdness, although I felt like I missed seeing someone named Kris Kringle or Peter Peters but maybe in another town and another book, haha. 🙂

“We’ll see you back upstairs, Phyllis,” Stuart calls out. “You should smile more. You keep scaring the interns.”
“Eat a dick, Stuartson.” Phyllis stuffs the rest of her pastry into her mouth and stalks for the exit, chewing furiously.

The merger is scaring the shit outta the Domesti people and the wunderkind crowd of Vertex are slinking about being too pretty and too superhuman. They’re creepy because they’re mindfucky Headitors with Jonathon Hargrove the biggest creeper of all leading them. I’m wondering if maybe he’s not really a creeper, that maybe he’s just misunderstood? I don’t know but there’s something about that guy. I’ll be laughing hard if he’s really a good guy at he end.

Work might be messed up but the good bit for Zach is Nathan the new guy who’s moving into his complex. Nathan is a ball of sex and heat and surprises. I knew Zach was in for good times with Nathan because the guy only wears a few clothes, no layering for Nate. So you know how you’re scoping someone out, and you’re trying SO hard for them not to see you but they’re so hot you gotta keep on peeping? Then you get busted?! That happened to Zach and just like in RL he’s embarrassed but he still hopes to score. Nathan knows that Zack is checking him out but he’s not a dick about it which always makes the end result that much sweeter.

A male individual is seen peeking out from black metal binds.

Francis was Zach’s boyfriend back in his home town who left Zach feeling like he’s less than Francis. Zach’s mum’s a good lady but she kinda adds to the emotional smackdown on Zach. She’s not bad or anything, but she’s a helicopter in that whole when are you gonna find love? Grandbabies! Come home for Xmas! Francis is doing good in that universal mum, I love you but please shut up way. It doesn’t matter about the parents in the end because Zach ends up being stuck in Huster for Xmas as Tobi wants him for merger work, so bye mum and dad and hellooo Nathan. That’s good because he sees black eyes on Phyllis when she sacks him and she’s not her usual snarky self, just a drone, then Stu behaves really weird, again with the black eyes, and shit’s happening in Huster and the company that never happened until Vertex came to town with its too perfect people and big billboards. Zach also gets to know his new neighbor well, like REALLY well. Nathan’s worth staying in Huster for, even with the other stuff, and he’s been asking for some help about the oven, getting Zach to help him settle in more and then gets him to help a few more times, and bazinga baby! horizontal chacha times are a coming. Oh yeah!

I noticed something similar with Soren’s main guys in Smolder same as in Monster. Nathan is like gym material and Zach has a paunch. Jacob had a paunch in Monster and Gabriel was lean muscle. Don’t know what that means but I suppose the fantasy of one super hot guy for the still very doable but more unsure one? Bit of punching above your weight fantasy? Maybe one slightly more rational dude and one more weird? The last one is a definite.

Sure, maybe the guy needs a few lessons in learning to control his temper, but underneath the weirdness and the pyromania, Zach knows Nathan is a good person. He just knows it.

Soren Summers stuffs plenty of good stuff into Smolder. The Vertex people and their corporation weirdness, and

torso-perfect-body-flaccid-big-cock Nathan and Zach and Zach and Stu, and the important one~ a dog!  There’s a dog that the building supervisor is a dick to and Nathan is on it, man is he on it! Nathan got extra points for his dog caring, and hang on I just remembered something, did that dog speak? or was it just that joke about how’s your day and the dog says ruff? Huh. Anywho, then Zach is feeding the dog and my sawdust heart was leaking chips because I love dogs! Smolder is hilarious too with added sexytimes, you can’t have this hot dude without him being hung and using it. Let’s just say for the size queen everything is built on Nathan 😉

The Wrap Up~

Smolder was hella good and I need to know when the next series book is out because uni cannot get in Vertex’s way. Uni is a tough bitch so please make it soon. Write SS! Write! You know how you read something and you have like an impatient kinda itch or electricity in the skin for the next book due? Maybe it means I need meds, like the dog talking 🙂 but I haven’t felt that for years and I feel like that with Vertex. I want to keep reading about the different world and all the people in it that Soren Summers thinks up. Definitely 5 A for Awesome Stars again!


“It’s almost scientific, how he goes deep and hard enough to make Zach see stars and unicorns, butgif-bw-fuck-review not enough to hurt him. Not just yet, at least.
“You’re so hot,” Nathan breathes.
This again. “What?”
“Inside you. Your blood. Every cell in your body is screaming. So hot.”

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  1. This was an awesome review… and those GIFs are a massive distraction, haha. Honestly you’ve touched on so many things I’m dying to write about, but I’ll keep mum because I’ll probably end up blurting the wrong thing out and ruining it for everyone. I’m glad you liked Dog, too, which is his name in my headcanon, at least until Stuart comes up with something not-so-terrible in their new home. Also, Peter Peters is an incredible name and I’m totally stealing if you have no plans for it, lol. Thank you so much, Jay, and have a great New Year!

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