Seduced by my Best Friend’s Dad, Cameron D James & Sandra Claire

seduced-by-my-best-friends-dadCR Rating:Hot Stuff!

Publisher: Self Published 

Length: 85 Pages

Reviewer: Jay

Tags:Gay Erotica, Best friend’s son & dad, Camping trip

Steam: 5 

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Jay has a crush on Richard, his best friend’s dad. Richard is older, very masculine, cares about Jay, and is extremely sexy. There are just the problems of Richard being straight, married, and the father of Jay’s life-long best friend.

When Richard takes his son and Jay on a camping trip to celebrate turning eighteen, becoming men, and taking their first steps into the adult world, Jay struggles to contain his lust. Hitting on Richard would ruin the camping trip and destroy his friendship.

But when his friend takes ill and Jay and Richard enjoy some bonding time alone, it becomes clear that Jay isn’t the only one in the thrall of forbidden desires. A relaxing camping trip soon turns into a series of sweaty, erotic encounters, as Jay and Richard stoke this fire burning between them.

Seduced by My Best Friend’s Dad is a 30,000-word novella.

My Review

It was a forbidden love, Jay was coming to understand. It was a love that wouldn’t be accepted by their friends and family. 

Yeap and Yeap. ^^ That means it’s a Cocky read.

Jay and Mike are both eighteen and about to head off to college. Mr Carter, Mike’s dad, is taking them camping but not to a camp site, they’re going to a rugged bush site with a lake and heaps of privacy. They have a tent that barely fits the three of them and as soon as they arrive Mike is upchucking because of chilli fries he ate on the way there. Jay and Mr. Carter have more time together to go hiking where Richard puts the smooth moves on Jay to help him massage out his tight thigh muscle, Uh huh good one Mr. C. 🙂

Mike being sick gives them so much time they can fuck on a hike, and suck while swimming and suck and fuck each other in the tent one night when Mike is crashed hard.

gif-bw-crAnd then Richard lowered Jay’s ass, so that he was buried balls-deep again. Jay hugged Richard closer, gasping into the man’s ear with every descent onto his thick dick. “Fuck, Jay, you’re so warm. I love how my cock fits inside you.” The words came out as part whisper and part moan.



The whole time Jay keeps seeing Mr. Carter running hot and cold for him. The guy practically raised Jay and Carter is like a 2nd mother so there’s some guilt and he’s freaked that his best mate will find out and hate him. So Jay is thinking too much. There is something that Richard, or Mr. C, was going to say but he got interrupted so Jay wants to know WTF is going on. Does he want him? Is it a case of lusty nuts? Whatevs, Richard makes Jay’s cock salute whenever he’s near.

Richard’s dick pistoned in and out of Jay’s ass, with his heavy balls slapping against Jay with every down-thrust. Jay didn’t touch his own cock — he just held his legs — but his cock was throbbing and nearing its own release.

Mike’s run of luck made me laugh hard. Talk about shit luck~ sick and injured ankle. Worst weekend EVAH for Mike but good fuck luck for his dad and Jay as they got to fool around harder because of it.

One thing got to me there was an abuse of hole in the story. I’m all for abusing a good hole but when the word holehole-award keeps slapping me in the face I kinda laugh too much and it disrupts the vital flow. 🙂 Hole could appear like 5 times in a paragraph which may be a record. The writers are hereby given the inaugural Cocky Reviews Hole Award!

The Wrap Up

I’ve read my fair share of these kinda books but I don’t get tired of them if they make the writing interesting , and interesting’s code for sexy. 😉 It’s meant to be a bloke stroke or fap fuel and kinky times. Purpose served. Good on you Mike, you didn’t cockblock your dad or you mate. Jay and Mr. C got down and dirty and Cocky Reviews gives a rousing 4 cock salute to everyone in the book because of all that. Hot Stuff!


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