Parasite (Vertex #2) Soren Summers

ParasiteCR Rating: A for Awesome

Publisher: Soren Summers

Length: 69,000 words

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Horror. Zombies. Futuristic. Romance. Book #2 Vertex series. 

Steam: 2 Maybe

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It’s been one hundred and forty-five days since the world ended. Paragon has swept through the city of Pleasance like a reaper’s scythe. Now the dead walk the earth, seeking the flesh of the living. Still Jarod Samuels refuses to die.
As a hunter, Jarod safeguards the Hive, the ruined mall he calls home. He exterminates zombies to protect the city’s last few survivors, and to keep Gabriel Anderson unharmed, their lives intertwined now more than ever.
But in a city ravaged by Vertex’s corruption, there’s no telling what dangers each day will bring, whether the threats within the Hive’s walls might be deadlier than those without – or whether monsters from the past still lurk and linger in the city’s shadows.
This romantic horror story is approximately 69,000 words in length.
Shout out to Soren Summers for the review copy. Cheers mate! 
My Review~
A few years ago I was with a friend and their bf of the time as we walked through a local park. I said how good the views were and my friend’s bf said, yeah you could put gun turrets up the top and sniper zombies easy. Dead serious this was. My friend told me he always worried about being taken out if there was a hoax about zombies. I don’t wanna know how he handles The Walking Dead. Food for thought, don’t ya think?  So I kinda love zombies yet they make me a bit freaked at the same time. Parasite has THE most awesome zombie action all the way. It even starts out hardcore so I missed some sleep last night until I keeled over and woke up with an ereader on my head. True story!

“What the fuck,” Gabriel says. “What the fuck.”
Tyler slows just enough to keep pace with Jarod, just enough to yell in his face. “What did you do, Samuels?”
“Nothing. I swear. Fucking nothing.”
“Fuck,” Tyler says.
“Fuck’s sake.”
There’s a tremble in Tyler’s voice, new wrinkles in his forehead and in the corners of his eyes that Jarod hasn’t ever noticed before, and that sends a twitch down his spine. When your plane hits turbulence, it’s normal to get a little nervous. What isn’t normal is when the flight attendants start panicking, and then screaming. That’s when you really know that you’re in trouble. When the best and bravest hunter the Hive has to offer looks like he’s five seconds away from freaking out, then you know that it’s time to start shitting your pants.



Bang. The zombies are pissed. The atrium is in a flurry of panic, but that thing outside, that’s causing the biggest commotion.


Jarod and Gabriel are living at a shopping mall in Pleasance months after the shit hit the fan at Vertex. They’re still tight but they don’t have much alone time because zombies keep trying to kill and eat and turn everyone. It’s the zombie agenda. 🙂 And now there’s Tyler “the dickhead” Torres who’s Gabriel’s hunting partner and seems like he’s after Gabriel~ In Aus. we’d call him for trying to cut someone’s lunch. Not cool mate! Not cool at all. He touches Gabriel too much and he lets Jarod know he doesn’t respect him which is shitty, especially coming from one guy to another. To put the icing on the cake the residents in the Hive think the sun shines out of Tyler’s ass but I was thinking Jarod has much more experience with this sorta stuff. He did the hard yards for Vertex for years.

“Aww,” Tyler says, his voice just a little too sweet. “Don’t look too bothered, Samuels. You’ll recover soon enough.” He slings one arm over Gabriel’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of Anderson here.”
The fuck is that supposed to mean?


While I was reading Parasite I kept wondering how end of days everything was. How is it in Huster now or where Zack and Nathan and Stu and Dog are? Did Paragon hit them? They were going to get out of town anyways, so have they landed near Pleasance? I hope not for their sakes. I’m probably jumping ahead of myself, I may have been hallucinating because I was overtired and other stuff. We might not see them again but I kept thinking about the whole world and maybe I got all existential~ yeap, definite lack of sleep and other stuff. But is Paragon everywhere?! Then Jonathon Hargrove turned up and I was tripping. If you’re smoking some weed, this book!
Oh yeah. I was called out on Twitter for having JH love so I’m adding some code. No dramas JH  I’m def not bored by you. Swing by. 😉 He’s creepy AF and I’ll end up as an experiment but give me Hargrove over some other Judas I’m not naming and he has that sexy misunderstood villain vibe. Cmon! We’ve all lusted after and said we’d turn evil for a bad guy or 2.
gif American Psycho
gif The Heathers
There’s a group of survivors living at the Hive with J and G and they have laws and they have rules and they have Esther from Monster as the leader. She’s an all right lady in my mind. Magpie’s new to this book and she’s into prodding and prying the zombies to find out what makes them tic, and there’s Danny Norwood~ you’re a toppy little bastard Norwood! Good for you! People have jobs and some fight, some find food and some are older and some have kids. Microcosm of life. Then I started wondering what’s going to happen to them and my mind wouldn’t shut up. Then I started thinking about Gabriel because he doesn’t stress over anything or anyone but Jarod, and I still don’t know if there’s a secret we don’t know about with Gabriel. Anderson can do stuff without giving it much thought but then the thing near the end~ I don’t know.
There’s some sex and it’s hot and dirty, nothing like some jealousy and musk to make the salt go down. Jarod and Gabriel are wired so different the way they do things but they’ve got heat steaming off them.

“It’s true. Do you even know how much I thought about sucking you off when we first met?”
“No,” Jarod says, very quietly.
“I wanted to throw you against the wall and blow you, right there in the facility.” Sweat breaks out somewhere on Jarod’s body. “You. You don’t say.”
Gabriel licks his lips. “I wanted to sneak into your bedroom at night, to suck your dick while you were sleeping, to see what you’d do to me when you woke up.”
Fuck. When Gabriel talks dirty like this – and he hasn’t in a long time – it’s next to impossible to resist.

gif cocksucking B&W

“What would you do if he touched me, Jarod?” Another slow, torturous stroke.
“Hmmph. Fuck. I’ll rip his head off. I’ll tear him apart.” His back arches when Gabriel’s thumb tickles at the space just underneath the head of his cock. “You’re mine. All mine.”
“My big, strong man.” Gabriel laughs again. His eyes travel down Jarod’s body, lingering over his torso. This, being watched and studied like this, it sends a flush of blood coursing through Jarod’s chest.
“Big,” Gabriel says. “Strong. Dirty.” He dips his head. And Jarod bangs his against the counter. Gabriel is swallowing him in deep, full strokes, taking him down his throat, and using both his hands on Jarod’s shaft in the precious few seconds when his mouth comes away.

The Wrap Up 
If you like end of days futuristic reading and you’re looking for them with gay leading characters then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you reading these Vertex books of Monster and Smolder and Parasite. Vertex is a creepy corporation that created this mess, but is the plague everywhere? Jonathon Hargrove shows up everywhere so look out world! Jeez. I seem to have a one track mind about Vertex and the zombie apocalypse now. If it has me thinking these things I reckon you will too. Horror. Futuristic. Heaps of action. Funny guys. Sexy romance. Good characters. Bad characters. Life. I don’t know what the plans are for the rest of the series books but TBH I hope Soren Summers just keeps em coming. Another 100% A for Absolutely Awesome book.

4 thoughts on “Parasite (Vertex #2) Soren Summers

  1. You turned the zombie story into sexy. Applause my man.

    I’ll never deny my interest in a post apocalyptic book or movie and I never miss TWD. Love your site and your reviews on here, Glad there’s more of them again and you seem to have a blog partner now.

    Here’s cheers to plenty more zombie reviews on Cocky Reviews. 😀

  2. I know you’re deeply in lust with JH but I’ll be honest, I’m slightly surprised anyone is after that reveal at the end of his chapter. Though I suppose some would find that an asset? Hahaha.

    Thanks lots for this review, Jay! I love that you always raise these super inquisitive points that I (really, really) hope I’ll successfully answer in future books. And I consider it a compliment of the highest order that the book put you to sleep and placed your pretty head in what could very well have been a horrible ereader-related accident <3 Also, that one GIF, I love how you can tell that the receiver is just slightly squirming, hnnng.

    In all seriousness, thanks again, and no worries whatsoever about the review copy! See you again in a few months with a new book, I hope, unless I get eaten by a shark/bear/run into JH in a darkened alley D:

  3. This review and those gifs, 2 Christians and a BJ and kapow bam baby! I’m feeling like getting some parasite into me. 😉

  4. Great review Jay, it’s so good to see another person, who happens to be another Aussie, who can see the through to the really dark humour. I realise this is Parasite and I can’t wait to see what you think about Paragon.

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