My Son’s Hot Boyfriend, Nate Turner

My Son's Hot BoyfriendCR Rating: Hot Stuff

Publisher: Self Published

Length:  22 Pages

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Gay Erotica, 



The Blurb: 


When closeted dad Mike drives his son’s handsome boyfriend home, their trip takes a forbidden detour…

WARNING: My Son’s Hot Boyfriend is a 4400-word erotic story intended for ADULTS ONLY! Contains M/m, masturbation, oral and anal sex, sloppy seconds, and foggy car windows.


The Review:


Mike Solomon’s son, Andrew, is dating the super hot Kevin. Andrew is flaky and not so easy to get along with and one night after a fight, Kevin asks if Mr Solomon will take him home. Mike is having none of this Mr Solomon crap and asks Kevin to call him Mike. Even though Kevin lives thirty five minutes away, Mike has no problems driving him home. On the way Mike and Kevin talk and Mike lets it be known that he is gay. No one knows this, not his ex wife, not his son, but Kevin now knows. Kevin’s not going to tell anyone and tells him a secret of his own, he was fighting with Andrew because he likes to bottom and so does Andrew. My, how convenient. a sexy bubble butt with a penchant for taking it up his sweet nineteen year old arse.


On the way home, Kevin asks Mike to stop the car at a local park and lets Mike know he would like to show him just how much he likes to bottom. (Sweet.)

I’ll just throw some lines out  there so you can get a nice feel for this fucking horny piece of writing.

I was forty-one. He was nineteen. It didn’t matter…as long as the guy is legal and into it, kissing a hot guy is still kissing a hot guy…that’s what I told myself. 

Suit Porn 8


“Oh shit,” the boy whispered. .

Now my cock was standing straight out of the fly, seven hard inches waiting to blow. Already I was dripping pre-cum….


Kevin’s tongue circled my tip, lapping me up, teasing me gently. He used one hand to stabilize the bottom half of my shaft, gently jerking me while he gave the crown of my cock some living oral attention…(Good boy, Kevin.)


Of course, the gorgeous Kevin is nubile,  hairless and tight where it counts. He also rides Mike like a cowboy in the back seat of his Honda.


With my hands on his ass, I lifted him up…let him settle slickly down…lifted him again, slightly higher…let it settle….

The warm ring of Kevin’s ass flexed,  gripping my throbbing cock hard as he gasped in unbearable pleasure…


You get the general picture. If not, I added some of my own to show you.


The Verdict:


This is a hot tamale of a read. If you like a bit of daddy kink in your read, especially if you like the idea of an older guy servicing a younger one. The older guy serving it up to the son’s boyfriend’s hot hole. 

Yeah, I liked this one.


Once again, this short is a cut above in the way it is put together. More Nate Tanner coming soon to Cocky Reviews. 

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