Louder Than Words, Siryn Sueng

Louder Than Words CroppedCR Rating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Deep Desires Press

Length: 18,000 words

Reviewer: LeeBeMe

Tags: Romance. MC with No Dis just Abilities 


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A local teacher takes silence as rejection from his coffee-shop crush, but then he learns that his crush is mute, and is determined to show that his love is deeper than any words can express.

Derrek is a local teacher in Clearwater, Florida. He frequents a nearby coffee shop before work every morning, where he finds himself enraptured with a young barista, Alex. But Alex never seems to notice him, even when he’s handing Derrek his morning coffee.

After weeks of hiding in his corner under the pretense of working, Derrek finally gains enough courage to ask Alex on a date. He’s crushed when all he gets for an answer is complete silence. He thinks it’s the end, until he finds out that Alex has a disability that has paralyzed his vocal cords.

Sign language is Alex’s way of communication, and it’s something that Derrek knows little to nothing about. With renewed determination, Derrek asks Alex to teach him sign language. Derrek wants to be able to talk to Alex, to tell him how he really feels, and find out if Alex feels the same.

But more than anything, he longs for a relationship that goes deeper than just words alone.

Louder Than Words is an 18,000-word novella.

My Review~

Nawww~ you have to hear my inflection as I say it, it goes up and up. This book is super sweet and  super cutie cute cute. I felt a teenage hormonal need to carve a love heart with initials in the middle but I only caught their first names so it’d look kind of silly with just D hearts A in there. But the sentiment remains. Nawww, Derrek and Alex.

gif charlie brown hearts

Alex’s smile was what won me over. I began noticing other things about him after that, like how his black hair often got in his pretty green eyes, and the multiple earrings that lined not one but both ears.

Teacher Derrek finally gets the courage to talk to punk barista Alex when his bff, Bryant, reminds him you snooze you lose. When Derrek asks Alex to go out for a drink and dinner Alex just looks at him and the guy’s already nervous about an answer, so he leaves thinking Alex has rejected him. Me to Derrek: Honey, you have to stiffen the backbone a smidge.

Bryant’s all over it~

Bryant, my best friend, teased me often enough already about not being able to ask Alex on a date. The words “grow a pair” had been mentioned plenty of times. I frowned at my cup as if it were the culprit. “I have a pair, jackass,” I muttered.

Alex has vocal paresis and it strains his chords to even whisper. Derrek has an uh~duh epiphany when he notices Alex signing to others. So he makes another move.

Derrek asks Alex to teach him to sign and they meet every weekend in a local park and connect over more than the superficial. I happy danced about Derrek wanting to learn how to communicate with Alex and it took a few months for him to get good. I’m even happier this book isn’t ableist crap dressed up as love and caring.

Louder Than Words is set over about 6 months and the sexy times take a while. Me to Derrek: A month and only a kiss? Hey Derrek, don’t you dare treat Alex like he’s made out of glass because I’ll get bitchy AF with you. He didn’t. Derrek wants their first time to be special. See? I told you. Sweet! But they also get busy and that’s hot.

It excited me to know that I had him turned on enough to be so hard already. And all I had done was kiss him a little and play with his piercings. I enjoyed his sensitivity — maybe a little too much, but I couldn’t help it.

Kiss Alex Derrek

I eagerly listened to his scattered, hoarse moans as they grew short and clipped. He’s getting close, I could feel it as I rubbed his erection.


A bit of a moment happens because of a new waiter who can kiss my butt~ buh-bye, Kevin. But that’s it. The rest is all about Derrek and Alex falling in love.

gif girl bye

This story took me by surprise because it’s not very long and I was thinking mebe this is going to be erotica and mebe I’ll have to get Jay as the reader, but it’s romance all the way with a bit of sexy~smexy lovin’, a lotta lotta romance, and 2 nice guys get a happy ending. 

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