Just Friends, Candi Kay

Just FriendsCR Rating: B: Had a Blast!

Publisher: Candi Kay

Length: 46 Pages

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Sexy romance. Best mates to lovers.

Steam: 3

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Justin and Trent have been best friends for over twenty years. From first loves to first times, they’ve shared everything. Well, maybe not everything, though it’s not from lack of trying on Justin’s part. He’s wanted to get into Trent’s pants since they were in high school but his friend is either oblivious or simply not interested. Both twenty-five, they’re as different as night and day. Justin likes to party and have a good time while Trent is more settled and serious.

They’re secretly head over heels in love with each other.

After seeing Justin with one guy too many, Trent has finally had enough. He pulls a silly prank on his best friend. Sure, it’s childish, but he can’t keep watching the man he loves hook up with random strangers. What happens after can make or break everything. Will it finally push the two together or will their long friendship be over?

Shout out to Candi Kay for giving me another reviewing copy. I think she’s a bit pervy! 

My Review~

This book started with a good laugh when Justin’s hunting down his best mate Trent. Justin’s junk is hanging out and swaying around as he’s looking, glowing like a lava lamp! His mate’s been up to some pranks with glowing lube and Justin’s unimpressed. It comes off his hand but he can’t get it off his dick even when he scrubs and scrubs it. He also wanks off because if you’re down there you might as well go the jerk, right? He’s a young horny guy! 😉


Not only can I see my dick swaying, but I can also see the palm of my right hand. Both are glowing inGIF SWINGING COCKS the dark. Glowing! And it’s not a pretty color either. I shudder. It’s ugly, puke green. My dick freaking glows in the dark.
I hurry to the hall bathroom and jump in the shower. I scrub and scrub, and yeah, I totally jack off, but regardless of how much soap I use, my cock stays the same color green it was when I woke up and freaked out a few minutes ago.

So this may be more than one guy and they’re not glowing but look at them swing! Totally absorbing. —————–>>

Trent’s had too much of Justin manwhoring so he turns up at a club where Justin hangs out and lectures the life out of him for picking up another guy he doesn’t know anything about. Trent got a bit preachy but because he’s the one helping Trent out when he’s too pissquali to function and letting his ass crash at his place all the time he’s got a point. He also promised Justin’s mum he’d look out for him. Really it’s because shit’s got real in Trent’s mind and he wants to have a relationship with his best mate. He imagines how good it would be to fuck him and have him stay and he wants to buy a house. I’ve seen a few friends get to where Trent’s at.

The guys have fighting words about Justin being irresponsible and Trent being boring and this is where friends to lovers comes about because they’ve been mates since school, they have the same idea about each other but different ways of getting there.

“Who the hell do you think you are, telling me how to live my life, Trenton Kennedy? You never go out and do anything. All you care about is work. Maybe you should take a chance here and there instead of being Mr. Boring all the time.”


“I’d rather be known as boring than as an irresponsible guy who’ll do anybody with a dick.  You want to spend your life being known as that twinky guy who’ll take any cock that’s available, more power to you.”

I’m not against either scenario but Trent argues the case for wanting Justin and Justin’s doing the successful manwhoring to get his buddy’s attention.

In the background there’s some plotting mums who love their sons and it was cool they weren’t trying to push them to find that “nice girl” to settle down with. Cheers for acceptance!

“When are the two of you going to stop dancing around each other and just move the relationship along already? Beth and I aren’t getting any younger and we’d like to see our boys get together before we die.”

This bit made me laugh hard because I can picture my sort of adopted mum saying this to me. ^^ She so would!

They end up getting their heads together, all of them, and have some fucking of their own. Just sayin’ that I’m especially good about the fucking and liked that a whole lot!

Sexy exhibits below. 🙂

When he presses his covered cock against my bare one, I almost shoot all over him. My legs go around his tall body and my ass comes up so my dick can grind against him.


He fucks me hard with his fingers and spreads them a little to stretch my asshole before roughly pulling out. He hurriedly rolls the condom over his dick and gets between my legs. I don’t need to be told to wrap them around him again. His eyes on mine, he lines up with my hole.


“This won’t be slow and I know I won’t last long,” he grunts out, obviously straining to keep from shoving inside me all at once.GIF HAIR PULLING FUCK


Spreading my legs wider, I feel the head of his dick as he pushes slowly inside, pulling back slightly to enter me with quick thrusts. His arms go around me and his face goes in my hair.


The Wrap Up~

Just Friends is a good name for the book because that’s what Trent and Justin were and then that’s what they still are but with benefits and feelings. This isn’t long and it’s for the reader peeps who come here looking for connection plus sex in books. This is B for a blast! 

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