Hard at Work (Gay Erotica Bundle), Owen Burke

Hard at WorkCR Rating:  Hot Stuff

Publisher: ButtonFly Books

Length: 14,000 Words

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Erotica, Ranch Hand, Fucking the Whole Family, Physical Therapist, Doctor, Cop, Older/Younger, First Fuck(s)   

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The Official Blurb


Don’t Tell Daddy – Ray loves his job working the ranch. It’s quiet and peaceful, and the fact that he’s sleeping with both of the boss’s sons is just icing on the cake. Of course, they don’t know about each other, and they both want to keep their secret safe from dad. But what happens when the boss wants to get in on the action? Can Ray handle all three of them or will he have to finally tell their daddy everything?


The blurb spells it out. Ray works as a ranch hand. He is fucking Will, being fucked by his older brother, Jesse, and both of them end their suck and fuck sessions with “don’t tell daddy.”  Ray isn’t stupid, he isn’t gong to tell the boss that he’s fucking both of his sons, but you know where this is heading, right? Yep, a trifecta of fuck.  Just some bits of dialogue below and a picture.


Will likes to watch me when I fuck him so he simply lay back down and pulled his legs back against his chest. 

“Please, please  just fuck me, ” he begged, humping the air in frustration.

My balls slapped against his upturned ass, adding to the deliciously sexy sounds filling the barn loft.

“Almost there,” Will gasped. “So ready to come for you.”

“Do it,” I grunted slamming my cock deep. “Come with my cock in your ass.”



A Shot In The Ass – Blake is a gifted therapist with a specialized hands-on technique that keeps his most prominent male clients coming back for more. Taking full advantage of doctor/patient privilege, his only concern is that none of the other physicians at the clinic find out what he’s up to.When he gets caught, though, it isn’t his job that’s up for grabs. Armed with video evidence, the head doctor confronts him – and asks for some treatment of his own.


Blake is indeed a gifted fucking PT. He offers several of his…special patients extra stretching services and an excellent stress release. He is always very careful to take these clients on when no one else is in the practice. Up until now it is all about blowing each other. But a new patient comes along. Max. Max is married but he needs to be fucked in his virgin hole and Blake obliges. He’s a bit disappointed, though, as he was hoping Max might fuck him. Blake is a bottom it seems. Poor Blake. He wants something nice and filling of his own. Never mind, sometimes you never know who will give you the shot in the arse you need. 


“Oh, God, I want it so bad.”

“Think you can handle it?” Blake asked as he worked the fat knob of his prick around in a circle where his wet tongue had just been. Max’s asshole was actually pulsing as if trying to suck him inside.

This was one hot, virgin ass and he was going to give it a fuck to remember.

“Oh, yes,” I’ve dreamed of this moment for years.

Blake knew exactly how he felt. He’d often dreamed that someone would take him like this. He had even fucked his own ass with a dildo while he jerked off. But that was a dream that had ever come to life.  

Have no fear because our boy Blake gets asked the question “Or do you want me to cum in that tight little ass of yours?


Temporary Custody – When Jackson gets caught in a routine traffic stop and searched, the cop finds his buddy’s stash. Great. His dad will be mad, he’ll get kicked out of college, and he might even spend some time in jail. No matter what he says, he can’t convince the cop that the stuff isn’t his…but he can take him up on his offer to wipe the record clean. 


Jackson is pulled over by Officer Banks and frisked. He gets a hard on even though he is shit scared of what’s going to happen when he is arrested for possessing weed. Jackson also gets a hard on when Officer Banks puts his hands in his pockets and, uh, enthusiastically frisks him. The good officer gives Jackson a choice, be screwed by the system or  be fucked by him. Even though our boy is a nervous virgin he figures he has to do this. 


“You’ve got two miles to decide whether you want to have sex with me or go to jail. It’s your choice…” 


But of course you know Jackson is going to love every minute of Bank’s cock.


“Strip,” Banks said quietly from just behind him. Jackson did, slowly, then turned. Banks had taken off his clothes, too, and Jackson could see that he was a big man in every sense of the word. His uncircumcised cock jutted forward, as if eager to get started.

“Suck me,” he said. Jackson sank to his knees and ended up eye-level with the big dick.

He took the monster into his hand, surprised at how hot it felt against his palm. With a deep breath he opened his mouth as wide as he could and put it all the way in.  


“God, your good at this,” he moaned, pushing farther into Jackson’s mouth and pumping in and out slowly.


Needless to say there is plenty of sucking and virgin hole fucking and Jackson learns from the older officer. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

The Verdict


This is a hot book of short stories. They aren’t too short and they are all sexy. If you’re into the idea ranch hands fucking their way through a family, a touch of dominance (not much), a man in a uniform, fear of getting caught, an older guy with a younger guy, plenty of first times. Then cum and get it. It’s well written and edited, which is good because I don’t like being jerked out of the book when I’m right into it. You know what I’m talking about. Yippee-ky-yay. Hot stuff.

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  1. I actually own this and after seeing this, I’ll be reading it soon. Before reading the review, I was already sucked in with your “Fucking The Whole Family Tag”. 😉

    Shit, those GIFS are hot! Love your review and as always, I’m really loving the visuals.

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