Gay For Science: His Clinical Trial Doctor, E Davies

Gay For ScienceCR Rating: I’m Definitely Twitching

Publisher:  Self Published

Length:  8,420 Words

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Gay Erotica, Medical Kink, Virgin, (Mild) Dominance, Submission

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Ben responds to an ad in the paper looking for people to take part in a clinical trial of an intimate nature.


Twenty one year old Ben figures if the ad says the trial is of an intimate nature that must mean sex is involved somewhere, as in maybe he should not be a virgin to answer. But, whatever, it says there is compensation so he rings up about it. He passes the initial questions on the phone, so they make an appointment for him to come in personally to find out more about his suitability. He passes those questions, as well as the nurse measuring his flaccid and the erect cock. He is duly compensated and told to come back tomorrow, this time he earns twenty dollars, which he thinks is not bad money for basically jerking off. Next time, if he is suitable, he will earn $200.00. Ben needs the extra money and if it means jerking off again, so be it. But next time means he will have to take pills as part of the clinical trial. He’s good with that….$200.00.


When Ben turns up the next day, the $200.00 day, the female nurses at the clinic aren’t there, but a nice looking guy is on the reception and the doctor makes the receptionist look ordinary. Ben has always thought himself straight but he likes the look of both men, particularly Dr Mitchell. The tests this time involve measuring Ben’s flaccid cock and then seeing how quickly he can get himself erect, on his own, and then with different pills, all while being watched and timed by the handsome and commanding Dr Mitchell. All goes well, except for the third time when Ben can’t keep his erection from popping on up for the initial flaccid measure. Ben was horny the first go with Dr Mitchell watching him jerk off, on the second occasion he felt like the pills were making him …flexible in his desires, and by the third time he wants Dr Mitchell to bend him over and take him. Hmm could he be in luck? Let me see…this is gay erotica, so the answer is fuck yes!


The Verdict:


This was not a bad short. It was pretty well edited, just a bit too much redundant detail sometimes – ‘The nurse said bye, Ben said bye and left the clinic’ (paraphrasing).  I like me some kink and that’s why I chose this short by E Davies. If medical kink is your thang,  here it is, baby.





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