Daimonion, J. P. Jackson

DaimonionCR Rating: 5 Stars

Publisher: Ninestar Press

Length: 93,400 words 

Reviewer: LeeBeMe

Tags: Supernatural. Fantasy and horror 

Steam: 0

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Dati Amon wants to be free from his satyr master and he hates his job—hunting human children who display demon balefire. Every hunt has been successful, except one. A thwarted attempt ended up as a promise to spare the child of a white witch, an indiscretion Dati hopes Master never discovers.

But Master has devilish machinations of his own. He needs human-demon hybrids, the Daimonion, to raise the Dark Lord to the earthly realm. If Master succeeds, he will be immortal and far more powerful.

The child who was spared is now a man, and for the first time in three hundred years, Dati has a reason to escape Master’s chains. To do that, Dati makes some unlikely alliances with an untrained soulless witch, a self-destructive shape shifter, and a deceitful clairvoyant. However, deals with demons rarely go as planned, and the cost is always higher than the original bargain.
My Review~
I love fantasy, supernatural and paranormal books. They don’t have to have gay characters, although I might’veNicki minaj riding EC appreciated the Mortal Instruments attempts. Maybe not. I drew the line at Evernight though, that was deeply depressing and morbid. I just know I’ll be ridiculed further if I admit my secret Twilight love. I read them all. Like, multiple times. I can’t help it, I love Twilight. My creepy love hate with Edward, that tortured old vamp stalker wrapped up in a pretty skin bow, just hanging around watching his perennially whiny Bella sleeping at night. Gaaaaawd, it’s confession time! I admit it, okay? I also went to chicks at the flicks screenings with my friends to watch the whole series. I might’ve been the only guy there. Whatevs~ you also might find me running cooking demos under the name Taaaanya on weekends. Me to me: Shut up, Lee. You’re losing cred before you start this review. My point? Daimonion is like Nicki Minaj freaking out on the back of Edward Cullen, or me in a French maid apron demoing, something you never saw coming.
Somewhere among these wartime houses, behind the cracked walls and beneath the peeling shingles, there was something that belonged to us.
I hunted a lost child: a dark child.
Dati’s an okay guy for a demon. He doesn’t want his job but it’s all he’s got and he’s doing the best he can. He’s stuck because and here we go gifsatyr man makes sure he has a hold on his cohort. I wish I didn’t have to do this. I wish I wasn’t so lonely. I wish to be free. Silly thoughts. Punishable thoughts.
Me to Dati: So punishable, and who wants a satyr’s  hoofslap? Stay strong, I like you. Master Satyr is real bitch. I mean, really bitchy. Master suffers from TDS~~Terrible Demon Syndrome. He rides Dati’s arse to collect children for his dark army and holds meetings that make unions totes necessary for workers. If you think loss of penalty rates is bad, master injects living nano bugs into his workers. Bugs that spit out of their body when they’re near whatever target evil wants then turns them into giant freaking pods~ and that’s the good part. Satyr Silenus is also running a creepy side game with a young guy’s head. This guy is tied up with Dati but I kept hearing Darth Vader saying: Alyx, I am your white van driving, satyr forest hook up father. 
Different characters make appearances. Some make impressions, hiya Jenae and Hemming, and some make up numbers. Jenae and her crew reminded me of Hocus Pocus and the Sanderson Sisters meets Mean Girls Regina, Gretchen and Karen. Can you imagine that divine movie?
Silenus wants Hell on earth and for Satan to take control. Demon rulers, human guinea pigs. Yadda~ yadda, arsehole. “He can bring us to freedom, to create for us a world where our pleasure, our needs, our desires can be explored without being punished, banished, or destroyed. Imagine a world where humans are freely available to us for our use!” Me to Silenus: You’re sounding just a little cray there, Silenus. Calm your tits, hon.
Dati and his pod producing crew want to make sure it doesn’t happen to the world. Dati likes humans and the others are being controlled against their will by Silenus. Who’s going to win this battle? I’ve got money on Alyx, or Mothra II as I came to think of him. He was one of the pod people but he became biologically supercharged. I know Alyx has some powers but he’s brooding right now so come back for book #2, y’all.
I'm busy brooding gif
Alyx and Jenae are joined to Silenus but not because they want to be. Alyx did have the hots for Dati but the change  gave him anger management issues. Stay tuned. I’m sure some gay demon love is coming. Demons need lovin’ too.
Daimonion serves up dark demon realness. There’s witchy magic and horror, spookiness and humour. Mostly there’s demons on the loose with a despot’s plans for world domination, enslaving anyone in the way. Run now before they pod people you!! That scared me. I blame certain parental units for making me watch triffids. Have you seen them? Ick! Lots of supernatural badassery in Daimonion, and I for one welcome our demon overlords: Shhh~not really. Bleed for me, baby, and I’ll see you next book.      
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