Crossing Lines

crossing-linesCR Rating:4 Stars! 


Length: 142 pages 

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Role playing + BDSM. Sexed up romance. PI + wealthy guy

Steam: 4/5

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Forced to drop out of law school, Steven Power became a private investigator. Ten years later a client gives him a chance for revenge, but shutting down a blackmail scheme won’t be easy. In order to succeed, Steven has to break a lot of rules, including dominating his compelling client.

When wealthy submissive Jonathan House lost his long-time Dom, he rushed into another relationship, only to find himself at the hands of an abusive blackmailer. Determined to be free of him, Jonathan hires Steven, but surrendering to his masterful PI wasn’t supposed to be part of the plan.

Both men are willing to cross the line between business and pleasure, but will they feel the same about crossing the line between sex and love?

My Review~

Jonathan is a rich guy who hires Steven Power [that’s like having your own porn name] as a PI to help him with a dom who’s blackmailing him. Steven is a white collar guy kinda stuck in a blue collar life because Roman the blackmailing dom fucked him over when they were at law school. Both guys have a common douchey enemy.

After the first consult at Steven’s office it’s all systems a go. Jonathan’s submissive and Steven’s dominant so that’s already handy. Jonathan likes to mark Steven by buying him upmarket clothes for the classy BDSM place they’re going to as part of a plan to stop Roman. Steven likes to give Jonathan what he wants, rougher play and orgasm denial. Taking him all hard in an alley like Jonathan fantasises about or making him be still like a hot human sex doll. They’re the same but opposite in scene roles. Steven calls Jonathan Pretty Boy and lots of other kinky names and they both like it. You got a perfect match!

“Such a tight little hole on this doll.” Steven teased his finger around Jonathan’s puckered flesh, gif-arse-fingering-4watching his reaction in the mirror. Jonathan struggled to hold still and not make a sound. “I’m going to have to do something to stretch it open.”

Jonathan keeps thinking that Steven’s not like Roman as he starts to fall for him. Steven likes Jonathan because he’s generous and a good bloke and he’s pissed, he def doesn’t like Roman giving doms a bad rap. Really from the beginning it’s more personal and these 2 guys are in to each other, and while the feelz don’t get talked about until later on readers know they’re there.

When Steven saw the crude initials carved in Jonathan’s beautiful skin, he felt two opposite feelings simultaneously. He wanted to beat the shit out of Roman for doing something so ugly to such a beautiful body, and he wanted to reassure Jonathan that he would never do something so vile to him.

The book’s plenty sexy with the guys getting into bjs really quickly and having their own scenes. Steven is gonna sort Roman out for Jonathan and for himself too. Jonathan’s a generous and nice dude and Steven’s doing his best to please Jonathan and do his PI work at the same time. He even moves in with Jonathan. That one I didn’t really get but it helped make the sex hot so who cares.

“Now let’s see if I can’t make this fucktoy of mine come.” While keeping his cock buried in his ass, Steven stroked Jonathan’s cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other.

“Look at the tighty-whities.” Steven chuckled. “Hold very still, Pretty Boy.” Jonathan wasn’t sure outdoor-fuckwhat he was doing until he felt the front part of his underwear loosen and then Steven’s finger sliding down between his buttocks. He’d cut a hole in his underwear!

“That’s it. Ah, yeah.” Steven grasped Jonathan’s neck again, snarling right into his ear. “You know, anyone could look out and see you. There could be dozens of eyes on you right now, watching what a fucking whore you are for my cock.”

The Wrap Up~

Crossing Lines is not a superduper sleuth book it’s lots of dirty talking sexy times with some BDSM and more of role play and a bad guy to get. I liked the PI story but it’s more sorta chucked in so the guys have a reason to get together and get it on! I say right on get it on! This one’s not erotica but it’s a hot times romance for peeps who like a story to go with their fucking and sucking. Good guys. Hot sex. Dirty talk all while a douche gets nailed, what’s not to like about that? Hot Stuff!

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