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Up until December 2016 CR was purely a blog for gay erotica but now we take on other gay books. Still reading erotica too. We’re here to kick back and enjoy it all.  I know all you see is me (Jay) reviewing but I have my partner in the background helping out and Lee writes reviews too. I’ve been busy with study and work all of 2016 but I’ll be reading when I can.

This site is easy going and likes to be casual with its reviews. We take our time because the blog is not our 1st priority. RL is always gonna be #1. There’s other top blogs that review WAY more than CR. It’s better you don’t ask for a review if you need it asap. There won’t be anything that will change the meaning of life on here but we hope you enjoy the content. It’ll always be adult so be an adult or don’t be here. 🙂  

Update~ 2017 has been busy with uni and placements for me. Lee’s been busy with his masters. December and January will be better months for us both to review. Then it’ll be super sporadic again.

There isn’t much more to say. If you want to contact us to review your book and you’re cool about timing, contact Jay at and give some deets about your book.  

Here. Queer. Review Books!



7 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I don’t know if he’s contacted you, but you are missing out on some AMAZING erotica from Thomas Carver on Amazon. Love this site (Carver linked to you btw). Love Arctic Absolution. Will check out Tucker. Cheers…

    1. Hiya Dave. I’ve been away from the blog working & studying but in the Christmas break I’m reading some Thomas Carver. He promises wrestlers. 😎 Cheers, mate!

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