Clipped, Devon McCormack

Clipped 2CR Rating: Nuclear Baby

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Length: 69,000 Words 

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Gay Erotica, EPIC Cocks, Rough Sex, Battered Holes & Sexual Asphyxiation, Angels, Demons/Paranormal Shizzma, Sword Fight Action

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Lots of damn tags up above. Fucking exhausting really, but it gives you an idea. You know this site by now, right? If you don’t, here’s a clue, we like kinky and taboo and a whole lot of gay sex. But, you know, we like a story in there, too, when it’s offered up. Clipped has a story. A smart one. I didn’t know what to expect exactly heading into the book. That it would be as much of a story as it is. I have read some reviews where the size of the dicks was thrown out there, and they are not wrong, but there is more to it. It is erotica no doubt about it. It is a good story with plenty of fucking but there is more to it. God and the Christ want us gone, Satan and the Antichrist are on our side. There are spies and it is hard to know who ratted out Kinzer. How he ended up in a dive brothel (Jerry’s) with nasty johns, his partner and lover dead, and his wings clipped so he has limited powers. When he’s at Jerry’s Kinzer meets Kid who used to live on the street.   


Mad as he was, Kid couldn’t help his gaze from shifting repeatedly back to Kinzer’s cock. Even flaccid, it was hanging mid thigh. That thing must have been twelve inches.


With a dick like that, he was going to be one of Jerry’s busiest boys. Even more fortunate, he probably wouldn’t have to take it up the ass as much.


Kinzer finds himself liking Kid and helps him to escape. They head off to Dick Dongs, great name for a strip club especially as these guys are hung. At Dick Dongs, I just like saying that name, Kinzer finds his other paranormal buddies, Dedrus and Treycore, can anyone say 2 feet? Because there is a 2 foot pepperoni on stage on Treycore in his neon thong.




Pretty soon there is action as Treycore’s ex girlfriend comes back with a bad attitude and some friends to match it. They have been hiding a pregnant hooker and the other side want her. There are swords and lost limbs and Treycore and Kid end up in the Peruvian jungle together being teleported via bitchy Vera. Now there is a division, Trecyore and Kid left to find their way out of the steaming heat, using some steaming heat of their own. The others are left behind trying to save a pregnant woman who may or may not be carrying the answer to help us.   


There is more to it but I think I shall just say that it will suit you if you like the idea of good and bad being blurred and reversed.  We’re a pretty raunchy bunch on here and not easily offended so I’m not going into that religious side of things. Anyway, there are angels and demons and swords and big cocks and fucking without lube and pain sluts and rough play and that’s all you really need to know. I like some pain in my reading so I had no problems but if you’re a bit squeamish then think about this


He positioned himself over Treycore’s cock and bent his legs so that he could try to sit on it. Blood continued leaking from Kid’s ass, covering Treycore’s dick. 


Treycore’s eyes widened. He pulled his hand away from his dick. Kid slid Treycore’s dick into his bloody hole.


Treycore ground his teeth and groaned as even more pre-come spewed from his dick’s head. Kid was pleased that a mere, disgusting mortal such as himself could get to Treycore like this.  

Kid’s tongue vacillated between tickling and licking around the rim.

“Oh…I’m gonna…” 


Kid is a pain slut and he trusts Treycore. Treycore goes from ‘you smell, Kid’ to looking out for Kid. Sure he uses sexual asphyxiation  but is is sexy. Cocky Reviews is all about the kink and Kid and Treycore and Kinzer and Dedrus give it to us rough. There is a bit of a top battle going on with that pair as well.


“Harder!” Kinzer demanded, despite appearing to be in excruciating pain.

Dedrus complied. He leaned down and snatched Kinzer by his jet-black hair, as if he were a vampire about to bite into his prey. “How hard do you want me to fuck you?” he asked.

The whites of Kinzer’s eyes were red, his breathing sporadic. “Rip my fucking ass apart!”

Dedrus pulled back and forced Kinzer’s face against his chest. “Show me you want it.” 


The Verdict: 

This is a kinky ole sexy read. I liked it and someone told me there will be a next book about Treycore and Kid. I am interested in that one because they have some good fucking and they have this mutual respect thing like being in the trenches together, if you fucked in those trenches — think of Thebes. The writing was good, the writer has some imagination going on. People that follow me know I get all OCD about editing and this was well edited. Erotica does not equal shitty writing or shitty editing.  Clipped has you covered if you like a walk on the paranormal side of gay erotica with big cocks, some spit on hole lubrication, pain with your sex and story. 


 Who the fuck is Janka? Kid wondered. And are these guys actually drinking the angel/demon Kool-Aid?

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