Christopher, Candi Kay

ChristopherCR Rating: Nuclear Baby

Publisher: Candi Kay

Length: 52 Pages

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Gay Erotica





Christopher just wants to get laid. Nothing more. Nothing less. He doesn’t want romance – just sex.While seeking out gay porn on the internet he stumbles across details about an exclusive sex club in his town. Convinced this is what he’s looking for, he works up the courage to go to the club a few days later. He almost turns back the way he came when he sees an intimidating bouncer standing outside the door. He’s one step from leaving when he’s ushered inside. Two members have seen Christopher on the security cameras and are eager to play with him – with conditions. He must wear a blindfold and vow that once the night is over he won’t show up at the club again. Nervously, he agrees. Even blindfolded it doesn’t take long for him to recognize the voice of one of the men as someone he knows well. More turned on than he’s ever been in his life, he allows the man and his partner to do anything and everything to his body without complaint. When it’s over he’s guided out of the club and the blindfold is removed. Flying high, he knows he’ll have to hook up with those guys again, especially now that he’s certain that the one who took his virginity is his favorite professor. Will he embarrass himself when he’s forced to face him in class the following Monday? And does he dare risk going back to the club the following weekend, his promise be damned? Christopher, College Encounters #1, is gay erotica and has a virgin, an age gap, mild BDSM, rough sexual situations, and group sex. Note that the BDSM in this story doesn’t follow strict protocols of the lifestyle. Keep that in mind before downloading this book...
My Review
I’ve been too busy to do full reviews for a long time and this blog is falling apart about me but my baby says he’ll make a new one for me soon so I’ll review on here more when he organises it.  I’m reviewing now because Candi Kay gave me one of my first review books and I’m grateful she thought I could write something coherent about her book. She also gave me this one for a review too. I think she’s a fan of the pix I use. HEY HEY THERE CANDI KAY! 🙂
I can’t do better than the blurb so I’ll give quotes next to some pix and thoughts. That’s my usual MO anyway so it’s nothing new. 😉

Chris started college really young so when the other college guys had been out partying on the weekend he was going home to his folks place. Now he’s 18 and nervous like everyone at first. He’s horny and horny’s always gonna win the war. He watches porn online and goes on to online chat where some guys talk about a local club. Thoughts about getting laid at the club make his dick hard and in charge. Yeah!

He’s come out to his folks because he’s sick of them trying to suss out whether he has a girlfriend or if he wants a girlfriend. The next big thing is doing something about the club and his virgin hole. He grabs his nuts and takes himself to this club that sounds like his kinda place.


 It was the third week of the new semester when I’d finally gotten so desperate for sex GIF GUY JERKING OFFthat I went trolling on online sites looking to find an anonymous guy to lose my virginity to. I got on so many gay porn and hookup websites that I jacked off three times before I found what I was looking for. I’d somehow managed to get into a chat session where guys were talking back and forth to each other in real time about fucking and being fucked.

I’ve known I was gay from the time I reached puberty and was popping boners at the mere glance at a hot guy. WhileERECT MANSCAPED COCK my other classmates were talking about wanting to get to third base with this girl or that one, I was wondering what it would feel like to brush up against them and cop a feel.

A couple of members want Chris to be able to come into the club when he turns up. They see him onscreen outside talking to the club security. Even though he’s blindfolded Chris pretty much works out one of the voices.

“Not this time, Chris,” he whispered. It clicked then who the voice sounded like, but no, it couldn’t be him. The man I know is too serious and stiff to be caught in a club like this one.


Yeah man. It’s always the stiff ones you gotta be on the lookout for. Ha!
So it’s the hot professor and the hot professor’s husband which is hardon inducing because the prof has been fap fuel for Chris. The threesome get down to bizness quickly and no one’s complaining.

Both of my hands went into his hair and tried to hold him still.
“I’ll shoot too fast… stop…”
The guy behind me pulled back from my ass long enough to mumble, “Fuck his face, Chris. I want to watch you cum down his throat.”
“Too… soon…”
“To take the edge off. Do it.”
That was all the encouragement I needed before I was holding the man’s face still as I GIF FACE FUCKthrust my dick in and out of a mouth for the first time in my life. The guy behind me went back to playing with my ass, his tongue and a finger fucking me while his partner sucked the life out of my dick. I felt another finger push inside my tight hole and that’s all it took for me to howl out and hold the face in front of me as I unloaded down his throat. He groaned around my cock as he swallowed, as if he were savoring it.

He goes home feeling like a new man and he’s looking forward to class on Monday because Prof Beckham is going to be giving a class. Chris’s feeling a bit cocky in class. Hellz yes! We’re all about the cocky here.


Mr. Beckham went about his normal routine, never glancing in my direction in the beginning. This was his norm so I didn’t take offense. With around fifty people taking Hand on jeans bulgethe class, I was used to being overlooked. Under my desk, that I thankfully didn’t have to share with anyone, I pressed my palm down on my cock in hopes of giving it some relief. Of course, that was the moment Mr. Beckham chose to look my way. His eyes went wide and his nostrils flared, but he never missed a beat with his lecture. Three days before I’d have been embarrassed over being caught with my hand on my dick, but not now. This time it boldly spurred me to do more. I slowly rubbed my hand up and down over my erection every time he glanced in my direction. Had anyone looked back at me they’d have seen what I was doing, but thankfully only the sexy professor was paying any attention.


The Wrap Up-

Seems to me you can count on Candi Kay to put hot sex in her books. I have a couple of types I like. What can I say? I’m flexible. *g* There’s usually one of my types in her books but I think I just said I’m easy. 🙂 Christopher’s a virgin twink learning some lovin with older guys and different partners. There’s a bit of kinky stuff like the label says but nothing hardcore. This book is another nuclear ebook from Candi Kay. I like erotica. I like romance if it’s hot. I reckon this author strikes a middle area between harcore and fluff. It’s top bloke stroke material and gives a story with it. Woo hoo! Cherry poppin good stuff!

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  1. Jay, there are no words for how much I love this review. Thank you! And those visuals… wow. I need to read your review again.. and again… and again… 😉

  2. Good to see you back, man. You’ve been sloppy and neglecting us who follow on here. I rate this and you know I’m harsh. 🙂

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