Bros Before Hoes, Nate Tanner

Bros Before HoesCR Rating: I’m Definitely Twitching 

Publisher: Self Publsihed

Length: 26 Pages

Reviewer: Jay

Tags:Gay Erotica, College Bros, Jerk and Suck 




After a college night when everything seems to go wrong, best friends Mikey and Jason take their long-standing bromance to the next level…

Warning: this 6800 word story is for ADULTS only. Contains M/M, masturbation, oral sex, drug use, and INTENSE best friend lovin’.



My Review: 


Mike is having some thoughts about his sex life, well, his wanking life. He can’t seem to have a good wank anymore watching different hetero porn and his girlfriend, Jenna, isn’t really floating his boat either. Mike has a good friend, Jason. Jason is a well put together kind of guy and he also knows Mike isn’t studying when he says he is, he knows his bro is beating his meat.


After a particularly bad night out with Jenna, and ending up being kicked out of the wrong party, a fairly drunk Mike heads home. But his room keys are missing. As luck would have it, Jason lives just down the hall and being the good friend he is he allows Mike to stay. Staying turns into Jason and Mike pulling each others meat and a blowjob. I’d say that’s a nice night if you can get it.


All this time my bro had been carrying around a gigantic prick like this.  Go, Jake. You big dicked college boy you.


Jason took my prick in his hand and started jerking me, wetting his thumb tip on my wet head and pressing it against the sweet spot where my head met my shaft, rubbing up and down. I grabbed his dick and started jerking him off too. Lubed by his precum, my hand barely fit around the monster shaft. 



I’m jerking off with my best friend….We closed our eyes as we stroked each other.


The verdict:


Pretty sexy short, not badly put together either by the author.  Nice jerk material. No fucking, that makes me disappointed but, still, nice fantasy fuel. 

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