Aftercare, Tanya Chris

AftercareCR Rating: B for Blast! 

Publisher: Tanya Chris

Length: 64,000 words 

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: BDSM Dom & sub, Court case, Different cultures 

Steam: 4



Aayan Denir knows Garrett Hillier was once a high-powered defense attorney, and—thanks to a leaked photograph—he knows Garrett is sexually submissive, which makes him ideally qualified to defend Aayan’s brother from the charge of murdering his sub. Aayan would do anything to protect Syed, even if he doesn’t understand how Syed could hurt someone he loves. He could never hurt Garrett. He only wants to take care of him—love him, serve him, cherish him. And maybe torture him. Just a little.

Garrett probably shouldn’t be dating his client’s brother. Right? And what’s the use in a confirmed sub dating a guy who doesn’t want to be a Dom anyway? The important thing is to get Syed cleared of the discriminatory murder charge he’s facing. Aayan is a distraction. But for the first time in the three lonely years since Garrett’s husband died, he’s feeling hope, ambition, and desire. Can he give up the pain he craves to find the love he needs?

As Syed’s trial date looms, Aayan and Garrett explore what a BDSM relationship means for them, and what they mean to each other.

Aftercare is a M/M BDSM contemporary romance about Aayan, a Muslim immigrant who’s not sure he can play the Dom role, and Garrett, a submissive attorney who walked away from his life when his husband died. 64,000 words.

My Review~

Aayan goes to a lawyer about his brother Syed who’s been charged over the murder of his boyfriend. The case is a bit dodgy but they’re pressing ahead. Jamie was also Syed’s sub and people have ideas about that sort of thing. Garrett used to do high profile court cases but since his lover of 15 years died he stopped caring about career and relationships. Garrett was the sub to Russell’s dom and he doesn’t know if he’ll find that again. Aayan wants Garrett for 2 reasons 1. because he’s someone who can professionally help 2. because he’s seen a photo of him in sub pose to Russell. The photo wasn’t supposed to be public but Russell’s sister took it and sold it and lots of people knew about it because Russell was a known artist, another reason why Garrett’s not a high flying lawyer anymore.

He was only forty, roughly the same age he guessed Aayan to be, seven years younger than Russell ought to have been. He had a great many years ahead of him and a decision to make about whether he was going to continue to sleepwalk.

The photo’s kinda everything in the story. Syed owns it and it’s what attracted Aayan to Garrett. If he can submit like that then he can understand his brother Syed’s kink? (is that the right word?) and not prejudge him. If he understands Syed’s lifestyle himself then he’ll defend him well. But he also wants him and wants to have Garrett look up at him with the same expression and hard cock like he has with Russell in that photo. Aayan can’t come to terms with how much he wants to unleash his sado side once he meets Garrett which means he’s worried. The two men circle around each other because Garrett doesn’t want to lessen his memory of Russell and he doesn’t think Aayan can give him the needed sadistic side. He pushes Aayan away and Aayan is confused for awhile until they get in rhythm.

“I’m sorry I pushed you away,” Garrett said. “I don’t want you to go away. I just have moments of panic. I’m out of practice with this relationship thing, like I said. To be with someone other than Russell is weird.”

Aayan has to accept his religion, the man he is, with S&M in his life because Garrett wants Aayan to release his inner dom because Aayan gives “good menace.” 🙂

Aayan used to be married to a woman in an arranged marriage but he wasn’t sexually attracted to her and she knew it but they’re best friends now. It might’ve been awkward when Aayan rings Dharini for man trouble advice but it’s funny because she’s a straight shooting woman and is kinda wicked with him.

He called Dharini. “You again,” she said. “You never used to call me before you started having man trouble.”

Aftercare is different for me because I haven’t seen gay romance or erotica with Muslim men as main characters before. I could’ve read more about his faith and ideas cause he’s a good bloke but the writer doesn’t hammer religion but you still learn plenty of stuff.

All the self-doubts, his parents’ expectations, his religion’s censure, his inability to have sex with his wife on demand—all the ways in which he strove and failed—collapsed beneath the weighty satisfaction of bringing out the submissive in this man.

“Arabic is a language for worship, for gratitude of all things beautiful.” Aayan brought Garrett’s hand to his lips. “You’re beautiful. Fucking you was beautiful.”

But Aayan has a mental tussle that whipping or using a belt or a crop is sadistic and that means he’s a sadistic man, but he likes the idea of dominating Garrett and doing the things Garrett says or shows he needs. How can that be a good thing? Good guys don’t beat their partner.

It had been a struggle for Aayan to reconcile his orientation to his religion. Ultimately he’d had to accept that he was both Muslim and gay, but that didn’t mean it was OK to give in to every base desire.



He loved sucking cock. Loved it. Especially on his knees like this. Naked. Looking up. No, that wasn’t Russell up there. This was someone different. Someone with darker hair and more menacing eyes.

Garrett sucked him in deeper, choking himself on Aayan’s cock. They moaned together as his throat convulsed. Aayan shuddered, the movement conveying its way down his spine and through his rock-hard dick so that Garrett felt it pulse inside him.

gif rock a crack

Aayan’s fingers withdrew. The head of his dick slid up and down Garrett’s crack, teasing him with presses not firm enough to breach him.

Yeap, there’s dominance and submission and people who need it and others that condemn it. So it’s like the court case is a comparison to life and how the main characters feel about BDSM and how other people in the community feel about BDSM. I’ve given you a lot of the sexy pix but there’s romance for the romantic sexy + sweet reader. Aayan says nice things to Garrett and Garrett does the same but they’re different men. Aftercare is an overall top book so it’s B For Blast!

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