A Stranger at the Beach (Gay Public Erotica), E Davies

A Stranger  at the BeachCR Rating: I’m Twitching

Publisher: Self Published

Length:  5,290 Words

Reviewer: Jay

Tags: Erotica, Beach, Public Sex

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The Blurb: 


It’s a beautiful Wednesday at the clothing-optional beach, and campus bookstore employee Stephen plans to enjoy his day off. After fantasizing about the hot beach volleyball team playing nearby and taking what he thinks will be his boldest risk yet, he finds himself seduced by a gorgeous graduate student, Adam. Adam pushes him to the limits as they hope to avoid being interrupted while they have fun in public.



My Review: 


The official spiel gives you most of what you want to know. Stephen is at the clothing optional beach, it is midweek, there are not many people there – just a couple of friends with a dog, and some sexy beach volleyball players, jiggly parts and all. Stephen gets off on putting lotion on himself and then watching two of the guys on the volleyball teams…jiggling. Nothing like a bit of scenery while you rub sunscreen on your bod.


Stephen has a semi-boner after the lotion action and decides he better place his cock towel-side down. Thing is, it feels nice rubbing his cock against the towel and then against his sunlotion-slick stomach. Little, discreet movements have him coming on his towel in no time while perving on the volleyball players. He manages to discreetly clean himself up as the team are concentrating on their game and he goes for a swim to wash up – because you just know someone is going to be getting fucked, and you know that old saying, ‘cleanliness is next to getting some.’ Well, if that wasn’t a saying, it is now.


Stephen drifts off to sleep in the sun and when he gets woken up, a nice surprise follows with some quick sex on a beach.


The Verdict:


A Stranger at a Beach is not a bad read. But it was just a bit too short. I wanted more to go on at the beach, I mean, come on, sexy public fucking, right?  I would have liked an audience as well. I seem to have a lot of kinks, exhibtionism is yet another, huh, and that didn’t happen in this short, just a near miss. Pretty tight little e-book though. Two nice shorts I’ve read from this writer, but I want something longer, bigger, harder and raunchier (who doesn’t?) from E Davies now. 




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